Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Convict Designs

So as many of you know I'm a uncle and soon to be to another niece I hope, but as long as it's a healthy baby I'm down for whatever, a writer, and of course a Fashion Design and Merchandising major. Okay...lets just be honest. I hate SEWING. Well hated... I'm starting to get into the hang of things. It was really bad starting off with my clothing construction classes which is mostly what I have left for my remaining terms in school. But over coming those hate full late night days... I decided to buy my very own personal sewing machine. I felt more at ease and calm when sewing at home. While at school, of course other students were so advanced, and a little in your face about their "awesome" work. Well its hard for people like me who can't sew worth a dime, and to have people rub it in your face isn't cool. So I felt more happy and at ease when I sew at home. Now due to getting low grades in the classes, I still managed to pass them all...and my latest class Draping ll I earned an A. I'm super excited right now you would believe me if I told you this 6 months ago! But I would love to share with you our final project for the class.

The objective was to remake a knit dress into our very own personal style, but yet still able to blend in with the original dress. I took this lovely knit mini dress Saharra had that she was giving away to the goodwill.  It was sheer but yet sexy with floral print everywhere! I had so many ideas running through my head. Check out how my vision came to life!

Original Design + Sketch

{Photos all taken by ME!}


Jordan said...

Well I like it, I'd prolly buy it if I saw it in the store. Sewing is... a bitch. And for you being new to it, this looks really nice. It looks like something Solange would wear.

Desiree Voight said...

youre such a good artist!!