Friday, April 23, 2010

Covict Relaxation: SLOANS

Sloan's Ice Cream Parlor

While visiting the fabulous Peaceful House Wife of West Palm Beach....a friend of mine insisted that I visit this little ice cream parlor located in the heart of West Palm Beach called Sloan's. Not only did she informed me on the wonderful and blissful ice cream, but the most amazing thing about this tiny ice cream parlor was it's bathroom.

Sloan's also made the top 10 list of Travel Discovery Worlds Best Bathrooms. Coming in at #10, Sloan's bathroom was amazing! To actually see it and be there in its surroundings, I was like floating on air...and it was all over the bathroom door. Once walking in the wonder...hum mm so is this door actually clear and everyone will see me use the rest room? Well nope... not until you pull a handle and the door color fogs out into different colors! You have to be there to actually get the feeling of it all.. It was a great idea for something new and yet interesting...especially for a bathroom!

{photos above taken by me (Todd Hopkins)}

Sneak peek at the bathroom! you must experience it for yourself!

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