Saturday, March 31, 2012

DIY: Denim Vest

This year has went by very quickly, its already April! I would first like to say happy birthday to my brother. But also seeing that this is my birthday month too I'm truly excited and in a creative mood. So I raided my mother's closet and was searching for anything denim because I've been craving for a denim vest. In the process of it all I decided to do my first DYI on my blog, and here are the steps if you want to create your own denim style vest... I still might do some work on it, but for now I love it. 

1. Spray Paint
2. Buttons of your choice
3. Anything denim, but it must be a top, jacket, dress etc.
4. Sewing supplies, and for creative fun, iron on letters...oh and an Iron.

After searching through my mother's closet, I knew I would find something denim. Her style is so old school I new she still had old trends, and I found a denim dress. She claims it was a jacket vest, but I would swear to you it was a dress. I cut it up and of course she was pissed, but got over it fast.
After I chopped it in half I also took in the sides, because I wanted it for fitting for my size. So you will need a seam ripper for fast and easy results.
I then took the chopped and sewed in side seams into a bucket with warm water and bleach. The longer you let it sit the more white it'll turn. For the effect I have, keep in soaked for about 10min, then let it sit to dry for about another 10min. 

Also if you want a edgy finished to the bottom of the vest, just simply wash and dry. Which is what I did after I let the bleach sit because the smell was so strong. Also remove all buttons you plan to change.

I then applied the buttons of my choice but also sprayed the other buttons at the shoulders and chest pockets.

Then for creative art, put what ever you desire on the vest for a urban edgy full... I totally was thinking of Rihanna, seeing that she is a fan of denim. 

 And now your done! The finished product!

A few photos before the buttons etc. 

The after photos... 


Anonymous said...

Hey Todd,

It' "DIY" not "DYI" if I'm not mistaken. Do it yourself! Love your blog by the way. I soooo need me some Night Walkers.

Bio said...

Your so right! LOL how did I miss that!? But thanks, I love the Night Walks, I want more! :)