Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bravo for Andre Leon Talley!

{photos via HERE}

Andre Leon Talley is jumping for joy with his new show coming to the Bravo network fall lineup. Well I know I am, seeing that I want his job at Vogue, but other than that I just love him! According to 
His role on the forthcoming Fashion Stories will be as a mentor of sorts, to "four up-and-coming fashion design teams as they produce the defining collection of their careers ... The mission to 'create, show and sell' is clear for emerging designers striving to build a business in New York City which remains the heart of the fashion industry." Conceptually, this sounds like a mishmash of many previous fashion-themed reality shows, but as long as there's an opportunity for ALT to label things dreckitude, we'll be watching. Will you?
I sure will be watching and I hope you do too!

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