Friday, March 25, 2011

Summer Rise

Summer is approaching and I know many of you young ladies and even males out there is trying to find items that would go with your beach theme, well I've compiled my top summer items you should could incorporate into your summer apparel. Besides my top picks, you should also incorporate other items that are in trends are even future trends for summer apparel.

[Favorite Bloggers Summer Looks]


(1)Lightweight sheer floral tops with a scoop neckline are hot. It showcase your wonderful neckline while still keeping it airy and not to warm underneath. Also solid and stripe prints would be other lovely alternatives. Also try to look for tops with wide sleeves, for more room of movement. (2)Maxi dresses are nice for daytime and night time events of course in a Florida setting. If your not into dresses try (3)Aline skirts and shorts. Shorts with a pop of neutral colors are cool and fun. Not to neon this summer but more pale is the key. (4)Scarfs are used in many ways nowadays, used for a belt, head wrap, and even arm ties. So a scarf is another simple must have for the summer. Lets move on to (5)straw hats. If your into mixing your attire with a more masculine approach, try a fedora hat, better is its a straw fedora hat. Along with your masculine look, for shoes try a (6)wingtip shoe, gives a more mannish look and for those who are more girly, try a nice floral wedge. Now moving onto jewels and bags, tote bags are a must for any summer occasion, (7)totes with a light pale print and non statement jewels would be the key to keeping it simple this summer. Its not all about showing off but being more conservative. All items can be found at of course any trendy shop, but I found some cute key items at one affordable store I'm sure everyone shops at, Forever 21. ENJOY your summer, and also my key summer must have items.


Afaf et Marwa. said...

Lovely post ! I like the first and last picture

Nini said...

ótimas dicas!!!!