Thursday, October 7, 2010

Convict TV- ANTM Top 2

ANTM is by far one of my favorite reality TV shows. Cycle 15 its current cycle is very high fashion, so Tyra wants it, but I honestly feel not all of the models can pull that look, but I do see a few with the "it" factor. Now from day 1, I always pick two people that I feel would go far and just based off looks alone who my favorite would be. Well my top two are still in the run to become Americas Next Top Model (Tyra voice) would have to be Kendal and Kayla. Now Kayla is my #1 pick, and she is killing it. My #2 pick from day one was Kendal...I do feel she wont win are make it to the final 3 the way she is going, but Ann is killing the game. But I'm still in Kayla's corner. Get it boo...oh and might I add I love the red hair!


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