Friday, July 16, 2010


So I finally received my ELLE, Bazaar, and V Magazines!!! Im too excited...because I've been waiting on this V Magazine for about 6 months now! I was too pissed with them after sending emails and emails because I wasn't receiving any magazines over the months, but finally my prays has been answered and I got my magazine! I ahvent ate all day and now I really can't eat because Im too excited about reading all these magazines especially V magazine. V magazine is a major fashion magazine that I love to dearly. They are truly amazing with their editorials and the message they are sending to the fashion and real world. They showcase all shapes, ages, races, and sizes. I adore V magazine even more that I finally got my mailed in copy! And I love the was my favorite for this month's special issue.

PS. from this month to August, I'll be doing special reviews on these magazines aswell as the lastest issue of Marie Claire.

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