Monday, August 22, 2016

Tulle Skirts?

Tulle skirts were the number 1 fashion trend of 2015. Many believe that it is a bit juvenile but in my personal opinion its a true fashion gem. Tulle skirts are the new little black dress. Its a statement piece that could be wore all year. Any occasion and location. It makes every girl feel like a princess. Atleast thats what I hear. 

I could be wrong but i know for a fact i'm not. why you ask? Because I sell them for a living. yup thats right. I make beautiful tulle skirts for a living. and all my clients say how much attention and compliments they receive wearing them. Now my skirts aren't the 3 layer lined tulle skirts. Nope, made completely of all tulle and 95% aren't lined at all. Its that full you don't even need lining.

Its a fashion item every woman needs in her closet. to purchase your first or next tulle skirt! 

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