Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pregnant Kim style is still boring...

Topshop Topman LA Opening Party At Cecconi's red carpet arrival, wearing of course all black. Kim's style this past year was decently not hers. More so Kanye's style, which is simple as hell. Of your gonna wearing only black and white knock it out the park. Kim's style isn't going past first base.

She recently did her first pregnant shoot for DuJour, Jason Binn’s new-ish lifestyle magazine for the ultra-rich, sealed a major cover star for its third issue. So soon? Well it worked, I've never heard of this new magazine at all until now. Kim is decently a brand. Anything she puts her name on will gain much attention and attention for weeks. Kim is the best at promoting anything and trust it will sale. But the shoot was very different. I'm happy Kim is working with the underground photographers and stylist, I absolutely love it. But please bring that ish that will stay in the history books of hot editorial fashion. This shoot doesn't do it for me.

(Photos via zimbio)

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