Thursday, February 28, 2013

How To Wear Maxi Skirts (10 style advice tips)

Many friends and associates ask me for fashion advice on a daily on ways to wear certain items. I have no problem explaining but they tend to don't understand that my advice is coming from a fashionable mindset that is all about risk and confidence. Most of them aren't so comfortable wearing certain colors, trends etc. I'm here to help them and also you who are clearly reading this for either entertainment are actual advice.

"Maxi skirts are considered to be one of the most beautiful, feminine, comfortable and practical fashion pieces that seem to never go out of style." Which is why I compiled a group of inspirational photos of fabulous women wearing maxi skirts the proper way.

Since every woman has different body shapes, it’s important to find the maxi skirt that will perfectly fit your shapes.

Top 10 Maxi Skirt Style Advice!

1. If you are too tall and want to look a bit shorter, go for a maxi skirt in two colors separated with a horizontal line. You can also create a shorter look by complementing your maxi skirt with flats, a bolero and a short blazer.
2. High waist maxi skirt can make you look taller while your even wearing your comfortable flats.
3. Printed maxi skirts are a must. Can make any outfit pop. You always want to pop.
4. Ladies with big breasts or broad shoulders are advised to wear maxi skirts with high splits, which will perfectly balance their silhouettes.
5. To create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette in the areas of thighs and bottom, you can pick a maxi skirt in darker shades.
6. Maxi skirts are the best style options for girls with imperfect legs. Want to hide them wear a maxi skirt.
7. Maxi skirts can change from night to evening at any moment. So useable.
8.To add a touch of edginess to your look, accessorize you maxi skirt with biker boots and fur jackets.
9.In cold weather, you can wear you maxi skirt with a leather jacket (made of lighter fabrics like silk or chiffon) or a knitted cardigan.
10. You can spice up your maxi skirt with matchy accessories, like wide-brim hats, large rings, bracelets, bangles and cuffs. Think ethnic jewelry for the maximum impact.

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