Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dear Kim Kardashian, your style is lacking.

So recently, well few months past Kim Kardashian better know as Kiki to her nephew Mason style has been divorced along with her 72 day marriage to the unknown basketball player that is still irrelevant.

(new Kim, old Kim)

I do blame Kanye West, Kim's current boo, because as a fan of Kim's glamour style lately she has been looking a hot ass mess. I couldn't even just say HAM I just had to let it all out. If your a fan of style and a fan of KiKi then you know every time she walks the red carpet are even a stroll down the street Kim slays, all the time. But KiKi has been in the dark shadows with Johnny Depp. I must admit her face is always beat to the gods just flawless, tight... But flawless. Whitney is even looking down saying "wtf Kim wtf". Because the last time I've seen Kim in a bold color was the day Whitney died and Clive Davis held the pre Grammy party and Kim was just the bold and the beautiful doll that night! Best dressed if you ask me. But lately just all black. If not black white. And it's all because of Kanye. I've even seen a recent episode of the Kardashian were Kanye had his stylist come and basically took everything out her closet and left her with some ugly shit. I mean I know Kim's stylist Monica Rose (who is awesome beyond words) is pissed that Kanye's stylist came in and fucked it all up and why does Kanye West have a stylist? She is more like his personal shopper because what he wears is very limited. Tight leather pants with a denim jacket and some sneakers with a white tee.. What style?

So with that said I hope this reaches KiKi and she come to her old ways better yet old style because I personally lived for the glamour...I just feel now she just so blah. You never want to be blah.

The End

Recent Kim

Old Kim

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