Sunday, September 16, 2012

Choose to embrace something new

This same exact day last year my life was turned upside down then tossed outer space... not really outer space but my life changed, drastic. Many wonder and a few actually know the chain of events that had taken place that day and even though I'm still trying to forgive to this day I just can't seem to forget. I'm really addicted to not only the story but still taking in the shock at how a year later I became a different person. For starters if you don't know my personal life I did move back in with my mother last new years eve from being on my own for about 5 years and also away off to college. Oh and also working two jobs at the same damn time but then narrowing it down to just one. I was always busy, either with school, work and especially partying and hanging with friends. I never had a moment to just sit back and relax and take the smooth air in... While for the past year that's exactly what I've been doing. Haven't worked anywhere besides doing some freelance design work but more importantly trying to figure out what's next after my life has changed forever. Nothing health wise and had nothing to do with anyone I was dating. I won't disclose the chain of events that happened a year ago today but I will say that it drained a year of my life and I refuse to let it drain another. I decided to rebrand my blog as well as myself. Now that doesn't mean I'll change myself completely but more so on the inside. Well in sure I rambled on enough... But I'm willing to embrace something new in my life.

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