Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Happy Memorial Day...well yes it was yesterday day but I will forever celebrate and acknowledge all the men and women who has served in the military everyday. Without them I wouldn't be where I'am today. And neither would Bryan Boy who is the newest judge on ANTM college edition. Its been many ANTM seasons and this is one I will blog about and watch faithfully, even though I do that anyway. But I'm really excited to see that a fellow blogger who started his blog because he traveled around the world and wanted to create an online diary for his family and his personality mixed with his fabulous fashion taste now draws in over a million viewers a month! Thats bananas! But overall  I love the fact that bloggers are really becoming a big deal in the fashion industry but also the entertainment industry.  Go Bryan Boy, I'm sure your opinion is valuable.

{photo via HERE}

Speaking on the topic of college, I should give all my fashion majors some tips for succeeding in school. This will become a regular segment on my blog as well for my YouTube fans because I do have many readers who are interested in knowing more about fashion & merchandising and the industry. I have interned with magazines, photographers, buyers, designers, etc. so I have the experience and I hope you guys are excited for those special college tips! :-)


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