Monday, March 19, 2012

The Hunger Games

After spending 2 days listening to the audio book of Suzanna Collins, The Hunger Games series, I feel in love. It also inspired myself to act on the my inner dream of hopefully finishing and starting my own written material. For a few years now I've been wanting to write a fiction novel. I wanted to wait until after I was done with my college courses to officially starting writing it, and now I have the time and also have started. Its plenty of research and hard work, but its apart of the job.

I'm completely excited for The Hunger Games movie to be released this coming Friday. I enjoyed The Capital description of style and posh attitude, but of course it was more of a love hate relationship. But I'am Team Gale.After finishing the first book, I'm even more eager to listen to the next couple of books from the series. I did cheat a little and goggled some information about it, but oh well. I also fell in love with Rue, and [Spoiler Alert] I was deeply sad when Rue died. But nonetheless, I enjoyed it and excited for the movie release. 

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