Monday, August 15, 2011


Another post on my favorite food, clip of the week and a magazine spotlight! Well while other people try to workout and get fit and also watch their health for summer, I'm opposite. I live in the moment and eat whatever. It's not like I'm eating pizza everyday, but when I do I enjoy it without worrying about my weight. Well about a week ago my friend India and I made our own pizza from scratch! It was pretty awesome and turned out GREAT!

Also lately I've been going to the movies like CRAZY! over the past 2 weeks I've seen Rise of the Apes, The Help and Final Destination 5. Which all were good, but The Help was great. It's a movie I would for sure pay to see again.

Lately I've only been reading V magazine (my favorite) and Teen Vogue! both of which have amazing articles everyone should read. But I adore the Gaga diary letters. Its cute and very educational, you'll have to pick up the V for those. Teen Vogue cover for September is of course "The Help" leading lady Emma Stone. I love how she went from "Easy A" to "The Help".Great transition.

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