Sunday, July 24, 2011

College Grad!!

I would first like to say, hello my name is Todd Patrick and am a Fashion Stylist. I finally have my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising degree!

Sorry for my sudden disappearance but I do have a good excuse. I graduated college a week ago and ever since been on a super high and also a bit of a disbelief trip. Over this past week I've been reflecting on life and also my blog. I realized that I have an amazing support team and family that I enjoy more than anything in life. I'm truly blessed and thankful.

I would first like to add that both my best friends flew down for this special day and my family drove 10hrs to share this wonderful moment with me. I was already overwhelmed. It started off with one bestie coming first then family then the other bestie. Of course we party all weekend long. It was amazing. I have so many photos to share too! Also some very fashionable people at the clubs, especially the gay clubs. I found it more entertaining at gay clubs, because fashion is major darling, major! So you are for sure to see an amazing group of people. But also downtown Orlando is always popin with excitement. Saturday was also 80's night, and boy did they come out in 80's attire. But overall I had a blast!

Check out the clubbing photos HERE!
Graduation Photos


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