Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chunky Magazines!

I've recently went through all my magazines, and its shocking to see that they are for the most part in great condition. I just adore the thought of art through out these magazines. The stories, the editorials, the places, and the experiences overall going through knowing and understanding the people I discover in all my magazines is very challenging. I love that rush going through magazines and reading about people's experiences and dying over the wonderful editorials that some would cost thousands to produce. It just gives me a RUSH that I can't even explain in words. Check out all my magazines and a few of my favorite covers!

"The oldies" .... {above photo}

Love Love Love this Vanity Fair cover. I love the styling and Nicole looks absolutly amazing!

I really enjoyed and adored that Vanity Fair cover that had all the celebrities whispering to eachother... it was a cool concept.

Legs for days!

I was so excited to buy my first jones magazine, I remember when I did my internship with Orlando Magazine, I introduced the magazine to my mentor, and she enjoyed it! I also love the black creavity in the magazine.

Its the bending and the angle of the camera and magazine that made her look this is cute though, but Demi looks amazing!

Love my Oprah magazines!

I have 2 issues of the famous biggest issue in Vogue history, September 2007 issue.

One of my favorite Issues, it seems like all my favorites are Vanity Fair covers.

Currently reading the newest issue of Oprah magazine. Excited to share some of the details I'll find through this magazine.

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