Monday, April 18, 2011

What A Scream

This weekend was a week of work. I've worked and worked and worked but yet still was able to get enough rest. But through it all I've ate and ate and ate, okay this might be a little over worked with excitement. I must say my excitement is because of my birthday in less then 7 days away! Yup the big 23, I'm so scared....well not really, but more excited about my future. While watching Scream 4 with my lady friend she got some exciting news about her career and as much as I was happy for her I was numb with excitement. Am I getting old and loosing my emotions? Oh gosh....I want to ask a few wise people about their 23rd year of life and how that year effected their life and future. I feel like sometimes I'm either loosing my emotions are I either just don't care because my excitement is not like my excitement 3 years ago, but maybe it gets less with age. Meanwhile I did enjoy some cake and ice cream over the weekend, but tonight I cooked a fabulous meal that made me actually want to write this post.

PS. Scream 4 was funny and I suggest you go see it! ;-)

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