Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Early Morning: Inspiration Wake Up Call

{photo via stylecartel.com}

So I'm sitting here in bed anxiously reading this exclusive interview from the Editor in Chief of Style.com, Dirk Standen with Carine Roitfeld and it opened my eyes to realize that...my future is just that... BLANK. The fashion industry focus on the future with fashion and lifestyle that they tend to forget the moment and live in the moment and try to figure out how to change and inspire the moment. "When you go to a show now, the photographers are more interested sometimes in the dress or the jacket you’re wearing than to photograph the show, and I think this is totally wrong," Carine told Dirk. It's so true. Everyone is becoming a walking ad. When will we go back to actual having photos taken of the moment. It makes the time now so revalent. This interview was a true wakeup call that I'll never know what my future might hold for me in the fashion world, but one thing for sure is im not going to worry about it now.

Lets not forget the iconic Vogue Paris issue with black "beard" transexual Andre.

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