Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Break!

Hola all. Well this is my final week of school and it has been a blast. I can truly say I enjoyed myself a lot this term. I did things I had no idea of doing...and even constructed a 5 piece swimwear collection. Pics will be coming soon. I totally forgot to take photos today, but other than my happiness, my internship is over and it truly was amazing. Working with Orlando Magazine was a intern's dream come true. The photo shoots were amazing, and I learned a lot about styling and prepping items for a shoot.

Its holiday season and I'm not truly feeling the vibe that everyone else is. Maybe because my close friends and family aren't here to celebrate with me, but In January my besties will be here partying and having fun. Which I'm very excited for.

For great holiday inspiration, check out Robot & Brucling. Christopher Bennett and Bruce Franklin, respectively known as their design name Robot & Brucling. Both are Boston natives who moved to New York City to progressively work on their inaugural line of custom-made bow ties and accessories.

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Photo of the WEEK!

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