Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Convict or Conflict: Beyonce Vs. Alessandra Ambrosio

Now I've seen this Beyonce cover for Vogue Nippon a while back back the gossip that I didn't know until moments ago is that the Beauty Cover was shot twice or some major photoshop went down! Well Beyonce and Alessandra Ambrosio both have Vogue Nippon Beauty December which one they actual pick I have no idea but my lovely Anna Dello Russo styled the shoot for Alessandra Amrosio which means that its most likely the one they used. I'm honestly guessing some fan just photoshop some of Beyonce's features on Alessandra because the pose, to the hair, even to the wrinkles in the hands are identical. Which means it was all a big spoof atleast that is what I think and believe. But which cover do you enjoy the most even though its the same pose? Beyonce or Alessandra. I personally like Alessandra because I think its the correct cover and only true cover and the styling and the blue lip is beyond amazing!

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