Saturday, December 4, 2010

Convict Dolls: Capucine & Kate

Recently looking over some impressive editorials that is taking styling beyond my imagination! Styling was slowly fading and lacking taste and fantasy. It was also getting lost within the story of the editorial. But recently, stylist Capucine Safyurtlu and Kate Ruth gave me life when they styled these amazing shoots. With models Emily Didonato (ranked #21 in top 50 models) and Georgia Frost , these shoots were nothing but magical.

Numéro November issue
Styling Capucine Safyurthu

 latest issue of Karen Magazine
Styling by Kate Ruth

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Walter said...

Ugh...I could love to hate Emily. The makeup paired with the hair and contrast to her piercing blue eyes. I see why you love it. Hell I loved it.

I also noticed that shoulder pads are in again. Are we having a flash black from Yesterday's Tomorrow?...i.e leggings, Shoulder pads, Studs (which I haven't seen a lot of this season), and fur. It seems like the things that we once thought to be old and out dated is making a major comeback and a huge statement.

Vintage at it's best.