Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Treasures

Everyone has a breaking point...mine is through shopping. Have you ever had someone that took you over the edge you had to release it through shopping? Well I did. I spent to much for a college what I'm really trying to say is everyone has a breaking point. I love Keri Hilson's "Break Point" catchy and lovable.

Anyway... I visited some of my favorite stores but one, but that's okay...maybe another time. So starting with Claire's. I purchased this casual double handle faux fur bag that is too cute for words. $38.34 with tax.

Forever 21...LOVE THEM! Anyway they have many of my favorite wedges and boots for sell, so I had to but their latest. Tan and Brown wedges were too cute to pass up. I also purchased some Aviator gold and brown sunglasses, and a cross necklace. Wedges - $32.80, Sunglasses - $5.80, Necklace - $7.80

Now I've wanted this grey fur wolf hat for the longest...and now its cold in Orlando so I can rock it! $24.99, and I also purchased the two pair for $60 Pacsun Jeans, total jeans $62.84.

That was my haul at some of my favorite stores...I feel like I bought more things, but can't think what they were...oh well.


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