Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fashion Bloggers; The New Supermodels part 1

Lately many of my favorite fashion bloggers are always seemed to be published and wanted more than models nowadays. Its a shock that from the 90's its been all about its all about fashion bloggers. Their are thousands beyond thousands of bloggers whom are sponsored by fashion designers and many other fashion medias, but recently Coach teamed up with nine bloggers and appear in their holiday campaign, which is slated to launch on November 17th in stores across the country. Thats pretty amazing, but bloggers have been getting the royal treat for some time featured is world wide magazines, and other various things. More on Fashion Bloggers; The New Supermodels series to come.

Bloggers featured:

The Glamourai:
Fashion Chalet:
Keiko Lynn:
Gala Darling:
Saucy Glossie:
Something Navy:
Faboo Madness:
Everything Style:
It's Her Factory:
That's Chic:

Few Previews

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