Thursday, November 11, 2010

Couture Editorial

So I wasn't a big fan of Vogue Italia, but recently I've grown to love it, study, and learn it. I was looking back at its past editorials, and I love them. I get this story from each one and it sings back to me, very fierce I might add. If you could remember back in March 10', the cover story for Vogue Italia at the time was flawless. I love the mixture of masculine and feminine spreads, and this spread of one of those spreads.

Credits:, All by Chanel. Plissé "bondage" combination, Valentino Couture; platforms Jantaminiau. Armchair Lost and Found Props. Hair by Ward for Living Proof. Make-up Kabuki ( Fashion editor Patti Wilson.

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Walter said...

Can't you just imagine replacing the model in the 3rd picture to the right and the 6th picture with Grace Jones. I swear that model embodies her.