Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Fashion Family

So many people always ask who do I seek to for inspiration...I seek to multiple people that I know would either make me happy are make me get inspired. Here are my family members... Oh and it grows daily.

{photos-source unknown}


Walter said...

Lol, Tod you are doing too much boo. But I could so see Rachel Zoe being your God Mother. I secretly have a hetero crush on her.

I can see Chanel Iman as your sister.

I noticed that you post at lot of fashions on your blog but what about accessories? You know, that accessories oftentimes make the statement or accents your wardrobe?

Bio said...

I did a blog on accessories today... check below this post doll.

Addycakesz said...

I think that this is the best thing that anyone has ever came up with (total genius). I totally love Chanel Iman, and I think that everyone you picked i s perfect & fits into the right place in your fashion family.

xoxo Addycakesz

Vogue and Vintage said...

I like this post! Very nice, very inspiring....Thanks for coming by my blog. Please come back and visit often. ;)

Vogue & Vintage