Friday, October 15, 2010

I Ain't Thru

So lately I've been feeling myself. Of course I haven't hired a personal photographer because I love to take photos myself and also funds are on hold at the moment. I'm on that college bougie budget swag. And plus my phone does a great job...check out thee amazing black and white photos via my lotus mobile celly.

Keyshia Cole - I Ain't Thru (Feat Nicki Minaj)


Marloes. said...

thankyou ;)
omg, I love your hair!!

hiven said...


onlyoneofme88 said...

Thanks Marloes!!!! ;-)

Hiven adore ya blog! Your so talented!

Brookelyn said...

Cool photos! What kind of camera do you use?

onlyoneofme88 said...

Thanks Brookie! ;-) WEll those photos are actually from my LG Lotus cell phone!!!