Monday, October 11, 2010

Convict Shoe Shopping!


{image via Atalanta Weller}


Walter said...

This shoe to me is not epic. Fashionable...yes, on the sense that it's art. That's about all. Those shoes looks more like something I would sit on a small book shelf to give a wall some structure.

Hip Hop Swagga said...

Wow I like what you have done with the site. I need to stop by more often. But I came by to invite you by the new spot. You probably wont recognize it. It used to be MsKaayzblogspot. But its a new day & everything has transformed into what we call HipHopSwagga. When you get a chance stop by & get acquainted with our new features. Hope to see you soon.

CEO, Ms Kay

Kristen said...

my god i have no words! i really wish i could try those on!

onlyoneofme88 said...

me too Kristen!