Sunday, August 29, 2010

Convict Doll: Grace Coddington Memoir

CODDINGTON MEMOIR: Grace Coddington, creative director of Vogue and breakout star of last year’s documentary “The September Issue,” is working on a memoir, WWD has learned. Coddington and former Men’s Vogue editor in chief Jay Fielden — whom the red-headed stylist enlisted to help write the book after being approached by agents and publishers looking to translate her “September Issue” fame into a bestseller — are preparing a proposal for her autobiography.

Coddington confirmed she is working with Fielden. “We’re just starting, and I think it’s going to be a really fun project,” she told WWD, adding: “I’m hoping it’s going to be very rich in fashion history. It’s more than just about me.”

The book will cover Coddington’s early life in Wales, her modeling days in Sixties London, the car accident that changed her career path and her ascendancy through fashion’s ranks as a stylist and editor at British Vogue and, later, its American counterpart.
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I'm too excited to find out that my mother from another.....???? is in the works on a Memoir! I will be first in line to buy this book if it kills me! I admire and love Grace. She is truly my ideal role model. I love her style and her creative direction in fashion. She started from the bottom and worked her way up to the top and I cant vision going even higher than where she is currently at. My love for Grace is just more than anyone could imagine.

One of Grace's recent editorial spread for Vogue July, just amazing!

American Vogue

Editorial Name: Nobel Farewell
Published: July 2010 Issue

As I study this editorial, and based on the collection featured, I think of a Golden Egg, a hen or chicken that has Golden Feathers that is coming out for the world to see....just AMAZING! love it.

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