Sunday, May 2, 2010

Convict Doll: Mary J Blige's New Fragrance, My Life

Photo By: Stephen Sullivan

Just now starting to be a big fan of Mary J Blige's music, I really don't understand the new fragrance? Why do celebrities keep coming out with their own signature fragrance. Okay Now I love MJB and I adore her hustle...but OMG! You want us to buy your Cd's, your concert tickets, attend the movies some of you play in and now you want us to buy your signature fragrance so we can smell like you too? LIKE GIVE ME A BREAK! I'm tired of celebs coming out with their own fragrance, even though I love Beyonce's Heat fragrance...that's not the point. I love you MJB...but why....why!!!! Celebs took over the fashion magazines because we are in a pop culture society and now you want us to smell like you too! Models get into the movement and show these celebs how its done! My Life, which is the name of MJB's fragrance, would only be sold on HSN and would be priced at $46 for 1.7 oz and comes with a free clutch purse. Talk about hustling.

Photo By: Thomas Iannaccone

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Anonymous said...

Good posting Todd! You are so right about the celebrities and their new fragrances. Iam interested in trying out Beyonce's Heat though.