Saturday, April 3, 2010

Convict Style: 9 A Envy Occasion

A Envy Occasion
A Envy Occasion  featuring Juicy Couture

Kimberly is excited about attending her best friend's wedding but Kimberly doesn't mind being a wedding crasher either. Kimberly wants to shine but not out shine her best friend whom is getting married to Kimberly's high school crush, but still wants to be respectful of her best friend's relationship. Kimberly decided to pair up a nice black jacket with adorable details, also a lovely innocent white blouse, of course her favorite high heel pumps with black skinny high waist jeans. With a mixture of teal, green, and light blue. This adorable ensemble is sure to catch the sparkle in everyone eyes... maybe even her high school crush.

Items in this set:
MM Couture Chiffon Crochet Trim Top - off white, $70
Juicy Couture Shrunken Fit Jacket - Black, $200
Red Engine Scarlett Bootcut Jeans - Black, $125
Joan & David Demille, $220
Juicy Couture MD Free Style, $350

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