Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Convict Not Gulty!

While on vacation I noticed many fashionable ideas, from on the road for more than 10 hours, to hanging with family and friends. Also buying a new awesome laptop, and viewing Alice in Wonderland in 3d made this month start off right. But for my fashion, it has been just a blur…I tend to sleep more which takes up most of my day. I just pull my hair back into a fro and put on what ever I feel comfortable with. Does then mean I’m loosing my fashion swag? IDK but as soon as I find out I will be sure to let everyone know. But until then, I must show you some photos I’ve taken this past “club night”. I had an amazing time, and felt maybe I was under dressed… you be the call.

My night was amazing, and I found out, sometimes you just dress to the mood of your self. I felt happy, and good with my fit. At least I did show my tats which lately I haven’t. So it was nice to see them out tonight. ;)

Oh check out this cute photo of my niece. So adorable!

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