Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Convict Doll himself.... TODD! II

I'm sure many of you can tell that when I shop, it's no limit to how far I would take my personal style. Most of the time its done on the female side, in which I believe that many female clothes could be unisex but thats my opinion. My personal style combines the both. I adore all types of fashion, but most of the mens fashion nowadays are very pablum. I get tired and bored. So I seek to the womens division where I found all types of silhouettes and colors and fun love outfits to mix match and form a lovely outfit. I decided to share my personal style of this past weekend. ENJOY!

Jeans- Pacsun
Jacket - Forever 21
Accessories - Forever 21
Lace Top - Love Coulter 
Grey Tank Top - Target
Shoes - Adidas 
More never before seen photos

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