Thursday, February 4, 2010

Convict News! Givenchy Spring Couture 2010 review.

This glam-rock collection wasn't the best for me. The fashion gods know I live for Givenchy but goodness this was a little less wow than I expected. I would add that Tisci succeed in bringing together masculine-feminine tuxedo coats on the runway which I always adore the mix.

CRUSH ALERT! Tisci is hot!

Okay so back t review. It was very bland, but the details was there...somewhat... IDK about this couture season, maybe fall would blow my mind away, well until then, check out some of my favorites...

Of course if you missed this train wreck at the grammy's, well I just didn't like the outfit at all, but It did come from Givenchy's collection in which I was shocked and thrown over board when I found out, singer/dancer Ciara wore this couture fit from Givenchy at the grammy's and got the worst but trying effort from the fashion police... 

Oh and my favorite fashion couple, Amber Rose and Kanye West appeared in the front row! Gosh I adore them! :) 

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