Saturday, January 16, 2010

Convict Trends: The Strong Shoulder

Urban Outfitters

One of my favorite apparel/accessories store is really relaying on the current fashion shows for their inspirational collections for their stores. Urban Outfitters, really capitalize the scent in the air with fashion. They focus on trends and stick with it until its off the runway. One of their new pieces would include the strong shoulder! Its a structural classy and futuristic look that is hot on the runways for the past winter and fall collections. Check out this "Silence & Noise Strong Shoulder Dress" a very slim stretchy silhouette that comes a little above the knee and is made with cotton and spandex. Comes in colors black, purple, and grey. Try sticking with the trends and feel as iff your walking out of a Balmain Spring 2010 RTW collection with this very cost efficient dress from Urban Outfitters that is only $58!

Below Urban Outfitters

Below Balmain Spring 2010 RTW
Below Balmain Fall 2009 RTW

[images via, Urban]

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