Saturday, December 26, 2009

Convict Shoes! Spring 2010 favorites!


This spring will be various forms of high heals, wedges, and lovely flats, even though flats are never in my season...I just don't understand flats at times...they are boring and most don't have any personality.

This season, I discovered many newly and hot shoes for Spring 2010 that I think many would enjoy, even myself.

Givenchy (above) is by far my favorite this season with shoes along with (below) Versace. Givenchy gave me inspiration to look for the best high wedges for myself, which means would be the first womens high heals I would ever have worn, excited to go on my quest to find the perfect pair even though Givenchy have those, I just can't afford them at this moment. Versace explores her wonderland inspiration with her Spring 2010 RTW collection which mirrors onto her shoe collection this Spring as well. The pale colors give me life this season, and even can be worn at a formal event. Versace is a winner in my eyes with the overall collection.
Rodarte (below) whom just launched a fabulous line at target made me blush for a goth inspiration with this lovely dark heals. I love the texture and shape which screams a classic black pump but with a funky innovative style.

Chanel is great for starting trends and classic. (below) Chanel gives her classic white pump some life with Spring petals of flowers, which I would see more often lace on heals nowadays. Shoes becoming more sexy with lace is in? I can't wait to see more!

Last but not less amusing on my list would have to be Alexander Wang cheetah print wedges! If you didn't know now you know that I love Army, Cheetah, and Zebra prints. I think this sexy pump can go so good with various fashions. Can be formal and casual at the same time. This wedge screams attention...not like cheetah don't in the first place. But I must say this is a must have chic shoe for Spring...
Closed Toe (above) Open toe (below)

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