Friday, December 4, 2009

Convict Doll Dress UP!

For the fall 09' trends, designers focused on a certain look, well to be honest, many different eras are coming around faster than usual. Before it would take at least a year or 6 months for a new look to arrival are even a travel from the past but now trends are changing faster from season to season. Well this fall designers focused on many different eras, but one era that stuck out to me the most was the 80's. Rock "n" Roll era that influenced the world. Well biker jackets were in this fall, so with a little twist of my inspiration mixed with the trends of this season, I'll transform a lovely outfit for you all to enjoy and It will also leave a sweet taste in your mouth!

David Lerner's Lace Leggings half Solid black in the back while the lace splurge in the front. Gives off a rocker look with some sex appeal. (David Lerner $110)

A nicely world icon little black dress tee from forever 21 to give the outfit life so it would add a more friendly touch to the over all look. As well as some jazzy sequin shorts to add a sparkle 80's look. (Shorts, $22.80, tee $14.80)
For accessories I would pair up these 3'' jeweled cross earrings that brings attention from the outfit to the face, a sequin beret cap, and some classy forever 21 high heals . (forever 21 Earrings $4.80)

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