Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Convict Confesssions 01

I'm sure most of you that read my fashion blog... the one and only Convict Mannequin relate to me more ways than one. You adore fashion, Shopping, Trends, Editorials, and again adores fashion...which are all the lovely hobbies I enjoy. Well I scooped up this months W Magazine a
nd Elle Magazine... So far haven't truly read them, but will be any minute now after this post.

I will do my research from these lovely magazines to bring you their latest trend finds and also some exclusive gossip I could find ramming through the cracks of the editorials.

Some of you wonder why I love Fashion magazines so much, well let me explain. I find it very interesting that they have many types of magazines out there that focus on fashion and fashion alone! That alone amazes me! Magazines only for fashion!!!!! Exciting to me because I love fashion. It was a passion I formed early on in my life by creating paper dolls and creating all types of clothes. I felt like a real designer because I took it very serious! I made various types of clothes I enjoyed drawing for my paper dolls. Then all that turned around when I able to buy fashion magazines with my hard earned working money.

Now I could focus on looking at how real designers came about their collections and read articles from designers and editorial directors. Which brings me to why I love magazines again... well I want to become a fashion editorial director. Anything that deals with a fashion magazine... I WANT TO BE APART OF IT! But it would be nice to have my own magazine. I could take over this fashion world with my trend thoughts and my decisions. I can picture it now... TODD...THE NEXT ANNA.... Anna and Grace who I believed took Vogue to a new level that gained much respect over the pass 21 years! Yes, since Kelly and Anna took over Vogue, it was the year I was born when they joined Vogue. 1988 fashion was reborn and I believe reborn within me. Anna has 4 letters in her and so do I. It was meant to happen... this path I'am on which the founders of fashion created for me to take the journey on... I couldn't imagine what I will find along the journey...but I'm excited to find out.
TTYL xoxox

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