Thursday, December 24, 2009

Convict Collections: Versace Spring 2010


I find it very amusing when starting to blog about an collection I tend to think what people might think of my opinion and how could I express myself in writing so they could understand my thoughts and I came to realize that, every should create their own imagination with their vision of things and understand and respect others, which came to light when I realized that, you might not understand my fashionable insights but you would be able to grasp a vivid image to sculp into your own...sorry for blabbing on, but these collections are important to fashion and important to me!

I find it so entertaining when models seem to be the center of attention on the runway...are so they think. BUT, in the serious world of fashion, they are only walking hangers that carries around the art that was formed but one designer that makes you burst of excitement in which it brings the models and the garment alive, would have to be Donatella Versace herself.

In Spring I see bright colors and a splash of personality. Personality that would scream attention and class. Personality that would demand the right attitude to would light fire to any dying flame. Versace Spring 2010 was one of my top favorites collection of the season.

Versace inspiration was Alice in Wonderland. She incorporated various styles and shape this season, with also geometric patterns, vivid pastels, and slinky, sexy and short skirts! I love her idea with this collection which brings fantasy and sex appeal to women during the spring. Lets take a close look at my favorites in her fabulous collection.

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