Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fashion Convicts

Fashion is at it's peak again with celebrities and the night life, both combine to make an extraordinary life style.

Celebrities nowadays promote fashion in more ways than one. Fashion has exploded across the main stream and is bigger than ever. Celebrities are so influential with their fashion but what most ordinary people who think nothing of fashion see fashion as a non-life style these celebrities do. Some of my favorite fashion "Convict Dolls" take their personal style mixed with emotions and a unique splash of individuality to make us trend-setters heart melt to pieces.

Lady Gaga

(wearing pieces from MJ Spring 2010, attending the ACE Awards)


(wearing the fishtail gown from couturier St├ęphane Rolland’s Spring 2009 collection while attending the Glamour magazine Women of the Year Awards

Amber Rose

(wearing Alexander Wang spring dress, Louis Vuitton sandals and clutch while attending in March 2009 Roberto Cavalli party)

These are just a few of my top "Convict Dolls". What do you think of their personal style?

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