Friday, November 13, 2009

Convict Misericord!e I

Misercord!e, an Latin word used during the middle ages as a weapon that could strike through the gaps of armour plates. I'm sure your wondering what the h-e-double hockey stick does misercordie has to do with FASHION? Well I'm sure you fashion addicts know the term stiletto. Well Stiletto comes from the word Misercordie, some fashion education 101.

Today was a busy day! 2012 was an amazing movie. It actually inspired me to sketch up a futuristic look this weekend while I wait for the work life later those nights. But other than all that jazz, I was browsing through Bloomingdales's shoe collections and I came across some must have picks for a lovely night out. I picked two lovely stiletto high heels because I firmly don't believe in flats (in case their are highly couture fashionable).

High Heels for a perfect date should be classy and attention grabbing. Convict Dolls must have the best of the best and when I say "best" it doesn't always mean expensive. These misericordie's are for the dinner date/night life. Every Convict Doll must change up her look after each event she attends that day and that means even on dates! Changing up your heels to express the feel and the emotions of the time is a must, and trust me, the guys adore a woman in a lovely misericordie.

Wine and Dine Misericord!e!
Giuseppe Zanotti

The Convict Dolls over at The Giuseppe House have these amazingly still on the market leather platform pumps in gold foil abstract floral print. These 5'' misericord!es are very elegance and on that date he couldn't be any more amazed at how you carry your style. With the right misericord!e you are bound to have an amazing night. Not only do he acknowledge your fashion taste, but observes you as an exclusive high price woman, or man if your into misericord!es too.

Night Life Misericord!es!

The lovely and might I add sexy Convict Dolls at The GUESS House grabs attention. These pumps holler MOOOOOOOOOOO because this is a secret weapon to wining over any crowd of people on the dance floor to notice that your pumps are the ish! These leather Cow printed haircalf pumps with the classic point toe are amazingly an eye catcher. They have the 4'' heel that brings height to the most highest sexiness of legs that any woman can handle. If you dare to mix these lovely Cow printed misericord!e with any colors, I would recommend using neon colors. Any bright colors would absolutely bring out this Cow print in any location. This will indeed make your date love you more and also bring personality to not only your physical self, but your mind as well, because only a woman who would dare to wear these Cow printed misericord!es would be label as a woman who lives life on the edge and what man doesn't want a outgoing Convict Doll.