Sunday, November 15, 2009

Convict Fall Fashion 2009 Trends

Top Trends according to InStyle Magazine,,20297336,00.html

country I do see coming back "InStyle" epically plaids. I would love to see two tone plaids, im tired of the solid color plaids, but country isn't my style.

Dark Sparkle
I live for Sparkles! I love the glitz and glam of fashion, the more attention to your attire the better.

Love friendly designs, accessories and ornament designs are coming in this fall and starting to last through the next season.

Fur Accents
Hello Cruella De Vil! One of my favorite fashionable Disney characters, hmmm I should do a blog on that...but other than those convicts situations I understand Cruella...I live for fur I worship fur!!!!

I enjoy a nice flow of fabric draping of a woman's silhouette... I love the thought of draping being a major trend this fall... sheer would be amazing!

Futuristic looks are still in but I just see it fading away, not many designers are sticking with the futuristic trend but we will see what happens.

Cities start all the trends, but city inspired designs are a must that every man and woman should explore.

I love showing legs. Legs are an amazing asset to show off and trust showing legs off this fall is a green go for me. Not show much of showing skin, but tight jeans or wide leg pants are in this fall and I think every Convict Doll should enjoy.

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