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Styling by Robbie Spencer

Robbie Spencer. The men’s fashion editor at Dazed & Confused. Robbie seems like your normal everyday guy, but his mark in fashion is rising and rising fast. Adore his boldness and risk taking skills that grace pages throughout various magazines. Please check out this year old interview he did with The Malcolm.

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THE MALCOLM spoke to Robbie about what’s coming up for the next Dazed issue as well as why he calls himself a self-proclaimed blog-a-holic. Check it out…

As the Menswear Fashion Editor at Dazed and Confused - how did you get involved with this publication?
I began aged 18 when I moved to London to do various internships at magazines such as Wallpaper, The World of Interiors, Attitude, GQ, and 10, while at university studying fashion journalism. I then worked as a fashion assistant at Dazed assisting Bryan McMahon and other fashion editors in the Dazed and Another Magazine team. From there I worked my way up to my current position.

How would you describe your styling aesthetic? How would you describe the way you dress yourself?
I like for wearing Lanvin, Burberry Prorsum, Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Lou Dalton, and for shooting Katie Eary, Romain Kremer, Damir Doma, Walter Van Beirendonck, Givenchy, McQueen the list goes on….As a stylist you create images you are working as an artist, it is a way of chaneling your creativity into something. The way I dress for me, does not have the same process, I dress in a kind of understated way I think. I am really into mixing army surplus with lanvin at the moment.

With London Fashion Week soon approaching - what are you most looking forward to?I really loved James Long’s collection and Jaiden RvA James
What is it about Dazed that matches so closely with your vision? What skills do you believe you bring to the forefront of the publication?
The freedom we have to be a creative and the independence we have to get our points of view across and enlighten our readers.
As you are menswear focused, who is currently on your radar? What designers have you recently taken notice of?
I really like Damir Doma, Katie Eary, Jaiden RvA James, Petrou MAN, James Long, Lou Dalton, there is alot of London menswear talent right now partly due to Topman and Fashion East introducing the new menswear day the the London fashion week schedule.
What can we expect from the latest issue of Dazed?
My new story with David Armstrong and a very exciting young actors portfolio shot by Matt Irwin.
What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
I want to continue doing what I do, having a job I love and being creative and getting paid for it! I also want to buy a house! And style more shows in the future.
Who do you look at for inspiration?
I get inspiration from all sorts of places. From films to books, traveling, I am particularly in inspired by pioneering subcultures form the 1950’s and 60s’ beatniks, mods, teddy boys and skinheads
If you weren’t in the Fashion realm - where could you see yourself?
I would be property developing!! making lots of money and enjoying the finer things in life!!

What are some of your favorite blogs that you check every morning?
I like Love Blog, 10 Blog, Slutever, and the Dazed Digital Blog of course! Welcome To Planet Bella, Style Salvage, Just Jaiden James, Ben Toms, Matt Irwin, The Dandy Project, Abdul Lagerfield, Anna Trevelyan! I am a bit of a blogaholic!!
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Check out one of my favorite editorials from Robbie Spencer. I'm sure I'll meet him one day in the future.

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